Club Awards

AWARDS: This budgeted committee is under the fourth vice-president. The chair of this committee is responsible for preparing the books of evidence and submitting them to the state awards chair before deadline. The president and event chair will determine what awards will be applied for. A typewritten or legibly-written story of the project, including number of persons involved, volunteer hours, costs, pictures, newspaper clippings and all other pertinent data should be given to the award chair, who types and compiles the book. Books are sent registered mail, Return Receipt Requested.


6, 1st Place Awards 

1- 2nd Place Award, Best Practice in Membership 

Club Achievement Award

4 Awards submitted to National Garden Club for national awards. (Results announced in May).

1st Place Award for:

#24, Ruth Benson Service to LMG, $25

#43A, Historic Preservation, Holiday Decorating at DTH,  $50, plus submission to NGC

#44, Plant America, Craft Club landscape, $25

#67 b, Gloria Greene for Floral Workshop in Dec by Judy Frasco, $50

#91Aii, Garden Therapy for HSHS Children's Healing Garden, $25

#32A, Food Pantry Individual support, Veronica Fesser, $25

$100, National Garden Club Award for Garden Therapy, HSHS Children's Healing Garden

Thanks to everyone who put together
the award submissions!