Member Awards

Any member can nominate another member he/she feels is qualified to receive either award listed below. All nominations are due prior to the January board meeting.

ARMSTRONG-GRAY AWARD: This award is presented to a SCGC member who is involved in the education of both members and the general public about the goals of SCGC. The recipient attends and assists at meetings, club projects and other gardening and civic activities. Written nominations may be made by an SCGC member on a form provided by the Club and should explain why the nominee meets the award criteria. All nominations are due by the January Board meeting and can be given to any Board member. The recipient of the award will be selected by the SCGC Board of Directors by paper ballot at the February Board meeting. The winner is determined by a majority vote of members present. The recipient will receive a gift and certificate at the annual meeting. Previous recipients are: Edith McGill (2006), Ila Roberts (2007), Sharleen Bell (2008), Ada Lynn Shrewsbury (2009), Karen Grant (2010), David Robson (2011), Carol Green (2012), Sherry Park (2013), Pat Fellman (2014), Nancy Tatarek (2015), Judy Frasco (2016), Christina Ramirez-Campbell (2017) Janet Keistler (2018), Annette Chinuge (2019), Connie Klutnick (2020), Peggy Mendenhall (2021), Tracy Dunn (2022), Ann Hamilton (2023)

MARGARET GAULE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (established in 2008): This may or may not be an annual member award depending on whether there is a nominee each year meeting the criteria of the award. The nominees must have a minimum of 20 years of some type of outstanding active service to SCGC. Nominations must be received from a club member and should be submitted on a nominating form provided by the Club to the current President citing the nominee’s lifetime Garden Club achievements. Nominations not giving achievements will be disregarded. The application should reach the President prior to the January Board meeting. The list will be sent immediately to the past Presidents requesting their vote to be returned by the February Board meeting, and the winner will be chosen by the majority vote received from past Presidents AND the current Board of Directors. The award will be presented to the winner at the March Annual Meeting and will include a Certificate of Appreciation from the Board and a gift, currently paid by Lee and Susan Gaule. A list of the winner’s contributions to the club will be read at the annual meeting. Previous recipients are: Pauline (Polly) Roesch (2008), Bea Wyeth-Wheeler (2009), Ila Roberts (2010), Edith McGill (2011), Ada Lynn Shrewsbury (2012), Eileen Bullard (2013), Karen Grant (2014), David Robson (2015), Susan Gaule (2016), Sally Noble (2017) Anita Walbaum (2018), Patti Lloyd (2019), John and Billye Griswold (2020), Charles and Sharleen Bell (2021), No award given (2022).

VIP AWARD: This is a member award offered by Garden Clubs of Illinois to be selected by the local clubs. Any SCGC member in good standing is eligible for the VIP award. This award acknowledges the newer members who are active, contributing members of SCGC. Up to five nominees may be selected to win in a given year. Any member can nominate an individual for this award by submitting a nomination on a form provided by the club describing their exceptional service. Nominations must be submitted to any Board member prior to the January Board meeting; and VIP award winners will be selected by the SCGC Board of Directors by paper ballot at the February Board meeting. The recipient(s) will be announced at SCGC’s annual March meeting and will receive a certificate of appreciation and pin/charm from GCI presented by our President at the May meeting. Previous recipients are Helen Adorjan and Liz Drake (2011), Christine Ramirez-Campbell (2012), Judy Frasco, Peggy Mendenhall, Christina Alderson, Janet Keistler and Laura Demick (2013), Belinda Taylor, Angela Oldfield, Lynn Burk, Sherry Montgomery and Aleta Sunley (2014), Ann Hamilton, Fannie Patheal, Lois Butcher, Maria Ferraro, Susie Risser (2015), Pat Paul-Kuffner, Kathy Iler, Marianne Lawrence, Wendy Weisenburn, & Phyllis Steinhour (2016), Yvonne Brandis, Tracy Dunn, & Jennifer Justin (2017) Cyndi Spears (2018) Karen Blankenship, Carol Sobeck, Beth Winning (2019), Cynthia Phillippe (2020), Mary O’Brien (2020), Ann Walker (2020), Kathy Fisher (2021) Ann Walker (2021), Patti Hodges, (2022), Ethelene Ferdinand (2022), Pam Barghoorn, Sara Hodgson, Elaine Moran, Janet Semanik, Nancy Sweet-Christie (2023).

Award Nomination Form