Community Grants

Funding for community grants comes from fundraising profits that exceed the amount of those funds budgeted for the operation of the garden club for the current year. Additional money can be added to this fund by a vote of the board. Established in 1998, the Special Projects Fund, (name changed to Community Projects), is intended to provide financial support for community service projects recommended by the community projects committee.
All applicants requesting fund from the club are required to use the designated form "SCGC Application for Funding". Grants must be submitted by February 1.

Community Grant Form

Congratulations 2023 SCGC Grant Recipients!
Over $7,000 was awarded to this year’s recipients.

Garden club grant recipients for 2023

Grant Recipients: Iles Elementary School, Sustainable Springfield, Motherland Gardens Community Project, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Kidzeum, Dana Thomas House Foundation, Route 66 Monarch Flyway, Ball Charter School